Sex in Public: “I am more than my pussy.”

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My body is mine.

I shared it with you, as you shared yours with me. We started out as friends, you and I. And we were good friends. You were dysfunctionally married, I was waiting for my divorce to come through. We shared laughs, friends, camp fires, hopes and ultimately, our bodies.

I, however moved on through the pain of my divorce and we both knew this was just a “fling” and I was going to move on. You knew that. It was open and out there. You even told me I would move on. You were good to have as a friend and an ally, and I had hoped we could still remain friends, as you had promised we would.

But ultimately, you grew angry. It was as if when you knew you would no longer have access to my body, you no longer wanted me.

I am more than my 38DDs and a pussy.

I am a whole, sensitive, human being. A woman.

I am NOT just a fuck toy.

If I choose to share a part of me, intellectually, emotionally or physically, it is mine to give.

It hurt when you left and told me to fuck off and have a nice life.

So I am taking my body, mind and intelligence away from anyone who doesn’t appreciate it. It’s mine.

And I will choose to share it with who ever I want to. When I want to, how much I want to.

On my terms.

— Terri, Oregon


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