What would it be like to be totally connected to your body?

Imagine being fully tuned into your inner rhythms. Imagine trusting your desires and slowing down enough to heed them. Imagine inhabiting your body so completely that you feel grounded.

Who would you be if this were your experience?

You would be lighter, confident, more whole. You would give yourself permission to want and to seek pleasure. Your body would soften and your mind would calm down.

You would feel free. You would feel sensual.

Unfortunately, that is not the truth for a lot of us.

The majority of women feel disconnected from their bodies, and it’s no wonder why. We live at such a fast pace that it’s often hard to tune into our own needs, to slow down and notice that we even have a body.

We forget to breathe. We forget to pause. We forget to feel. And when we do feel—when we find the time—we feel stress and tension, then guilt and shame for being so disconnected.

So, how do we shift this experience?

First, we need a different perspective, one that makes us feel at ease (because being in guilt and shame isn’t helping anything).

Then, we need to begin to come home to our sensual bodies—slowly, gently, playfully.

That’s what 30 Days of Sensuality gives you: four weeks of connecting to your body and listening to your senses—with ease.

And the best part is, you can start from wherever you are (yes, even from disconnect).



30 Days of Sensuality is exactly what it sounds like: Thirty days of playing with your senses and learning how to come more into your sensual body.

Within these four weeks, you’ll be encouraged to go slowly and listen to the needs of your own body. You’ll be guided as you explore your senses and the lush territory of pleasure and enjoyment, getting small glimpses of sensual embodiment along the way.

And while you’re playing, you’ll begin to feel yourself returning to that place of wholeness, freedom, and sensuality.

This isn’t a typical e-course. This is reclaiming your sensual nature—in your own way, on your own terms.

There will be a lot of baby steps toward sensual living, and a few giant leaps. But we’ll always start small. Because that’s where sensuality lives—in the small, subtle moments.

And I’ll help.



PRICE: $65
7-day money back guarantee!


“I am beginning to inhabit parts of my body
that I haven’t inhabited before.”

I came to the course to silence the lies within my body and to intently listen to the flow of the rhythms within. 30 Days of Sensuality gave me permission to delve into the fullness of who I am. It filled me with vibrancy and appreciation for myself, for the subtleties of sensuality and life, and encouraged me to boldly take up space. —Lesley

What this sensual e-course looks like in practice:

> One sensual lesson sent to your inbox daily for four weeks
> Playful assignments that’ll get you out of your head and into your body
> Powerful journal prompts that’ll get you to go even deeper
> Encouragement and email support
> Resources to keep you sensually inspired after the course is complete

30 Days of Sensuality is self-led and the course begins the moment you join us.

But don’t worry, we’ll being starting slow and simple, and you’re free to go at whatever pace works for you.

Here’s a sneak-peek of what we’ll be exploring:

> Day 3: Dive into pleasure – Take a chore and make it pleasurable.
> Day 14: Go slowly – An invitation to devour a moment second by second.
> Day 5: Let’s go on a desire hunt! – Start a collection of things that turn you on.
> Day 25: Sexuality + sensuality – Explore where the erotic meets the sensual.

And many, many more juicy topics to be explored by you.

Let’s play!



Price: $65



This e-course was created from a fiery passion to get you back into your sensual body, and I believe that in thirty days (or less!) you will do just that.

But, if after seven days of taking the course you’re not feeling it, let me know and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Your satisfaction is just as important to me as you uncovering your sensual expression.



I want to reconnect you to your sensual body.

Sensuality it not a fluffy word to me. I consider it a sacred practice, one that is meant to enrich and expand our lives—even beyond what we experience with our senses.

goddes-circleSensuality is magic in every breath, pleasure in every feeling (even the hard ones), and a deeper sense of connectedness to your body, desires, and the world around you.

Sensuality is mindfulness. Sensuality is permission. 

And before we can get to the juicy stuff of sexual liberation—the multiple orgasms, the total confidence in our erotic selves, the complete ownership of our desires—we must first awaken our senses.

There cannot be total erotic empowerment without sensual connection; it is our sensual bodies that experience sexual pleasure. So by reclaiming our sensuality, we can then go on to be the carnal, erotically uninhibited women we want to be.

Sensuality is the first step toward sexual freedom, the starting place of erotic empowerment.

And it is my honor, my deepest passion, to help you find your way back to yourself.

If you’re looking for cookie cutter techniques on how to be sensual, this is not for you.

30 Days of Sensuality is way more than that. During these four weeks, you’ll being to recover your depth of feeling and sense of pleasure. You’ll reconnect to the natural rhythms of your body. You’ll give your desires a voice and reacquaint yourself with the feel of trusting them.

30 Days of Sensuality helps you begin a lifelong journey of sensual self-discovery.

And you won’t be alone. I’ll be there to guide and support you every step of the way as you walk this path.

So, if you want to reclaim your capacity to feel; if you’d like to uncover (or meet for the first time) a part of yourself that has been lost; if you’re ready to come home to yourself. . . this is for you.

I’m very excited to re-introduce you to your sensual body.





PRICE: $65
7-day money back guarantee!

“30 Days of Sensuality is half love letter
to your best self, half soul rehab.”

It’s a fantastic invitation to light up your sensuality (even in the most unexpected circumstances) and to kindle your creativity. This isn’t a Cosmo-quiz-style list of tips to show you your shortcomings and guilt you into getting better. 30 Days of Sensuality is compassionate, surprising, and deeply moving. I definitely feel more mindful after this course, and it’s easier for me to check in with myself as a whole now, instead of just living in my head.” —Rachel


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