This is for you if—

  • You feel you could be more free and less inhibited when it comes to sex
  • You want to be having more sex, but something is getting in the way of it
  • There’s shame and stigma attached to sex and your sexual expression
  • You’re tired of feeling “broken” or “frigid” and want to be turned on
  • You’re a survivor and you want to take your sexual power back

It’s especially for you if you’ve been eyeing my three-month sexual liberation coaching program and would like a taste of what it’s like to work with me.

Some things we can explore in our session:

  • How you can be more sexually confident
  • How you can ask for and get what you want in the bedroom
  • Releasing any shame or old story that has kept you from being sexually free
  • What it looks like to create a sexual self-care ritual
  • Your sexual identity and how you can begin to embody it unapologetically
  • How to not be so much in your head and be more in your body during sex

 Or anything else you’ve been dying to speak about regarding sex, sexuality, and erotic empowerment.


The bad news: These individual sessions are sold out

But there is good news. Ev’Yan is now booking for March 2018.

If you would like to liberate your sexuality this year, click here and fill out an application.


A few things you should know before you book your session—

Only one session per person. Sessions will be booked starting the week of February 26th and must be redeemed before March 30th.

After our session (and if it’s a good match), I will give you the option to continue working with me and everyone who buys will get $100 off the first month of my sexual liberation coaching program.


“I am in absolute awe of the transformation and blossoming that has taken place for me while working with Ev’Yan. It’s been literal magic. I have discovered parts of myself that I was longing to connect with. And I am more confident, body-conscious and tapped into my sensual power than ever before. She created the safest, most empowering space for me to explore my deepest desires, and has helped me completely redefine my relationship with my body. I am endlessly grateful for this experience!” —Che Che L.

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