Your Self-Pleasure Story: “I Am In Love With Pleasuring Me.”


// photo : Tumblr

“i enjoy feeling exposed. like a wildflower growing wildly in an open field. naked and vulnerable. this is what coming back to my body looks like.

sometimes i use my fingers, more often i use a vibrator. masturbation has become an indulgence that i look forward to, sometimes more than being entangled with another body. i know exactly what i like and how i want to feel.

i haven’t always had the best relationship with my body, and it has taken years of healing to look at and love what i now see. the softness of my skin, the way my breasts are shaped, the pleasure from my pierced nipple, the sensitivity my own touch invokes.

i am in love with pleasuring me. i like to tease myself by using my Chakrub, getting it nice and warm, connected to my body, i enter myself with eyes closed picturing the most vulnerable scenes my mind escapes to.

my vibrator provides the stimulation, with levels i manipulate, to create the most hot and intense moments of pleasure. the vibrator lets me be the most vulnerable and i love receiving it with open legs and an arched back.

i now present myself, to myself, unapologetically raw and unfiltered during the day more than i used to. i love this version the best.

all in all. i know i am held with the developing love of myself, therefore the love i am able to give myself grows more and more – deeper and deeper, unlocking a relationship i’ve always yearned for and that is now mine.”

Written by Simone

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