Do you crave sexual freedom? You’re in the right place.

I want to help you claim your innermost desires. I want to open you to your capacity to feel pleasure. I want to teach you how to live fully through the senses.

I want to spur your erotic awakening.

Below are a few resources I’ve created to help you do just that—from a best-selling e-book to more intensive one-on-one coaching.

Sexual liberation starts here. Choose your own adventure.

A Digital Booklet: Reminders of sexual permission and fierce self-love

87 pages of prose to get you started on your sexual liberation journey. $7

bookThis book is an ode to your sexual self-discovery, a manifesto for sensual freedom.

Some of the chapters read like love letters. Some of them read like audacious essays meant to remind you of your beauty and greatness. Others have the look and flow of poetry, their intention being to breathe luscious light into you.

Includes the Explorations workbook—additional pages to prompt you to begin playing with sex, love, and liberation on your own terms.


30 Days of Sensuality: A four-week e-course to connect you back to your sensual body

Thirty lessons that teach you how to become a sensual woman. $65

course Within these four weeks, you’ll be encouraged to go slowly and listen to the needs of your own body.

You’ll be guided as you explore your senses and the lush territory of pleasure and enjoyment, getting small glimpses of sensual embodiment along the way.

And while you’re playing, you’ll begin to feel yourself returning to that place of wholeness, freedom, and sensuality.

Includes playful assignments, email support, and a slew of sensual resources for when the course is over.


Sexual Liberation Coaching: Step out of shame and into your erotic power

Three months of deep 1:1 work to coax you into sexual awakening. $500/month

healingYou: A desire to uncover your inner sex goddess, the one who you intuitively know lives within you. A nudge to do away with the sexual shame and open to the fullness of your erotic capacity.

Me: I’ll guide you as you navigate the murky waters of erotic empowerment. I’ll ask you the hard questions and encourage you to go deeper—even when you think you couldn’t possibly.

We: We’ll talk about your desires, the relationship you have with your sensual body, and the things keeping you from being sexually free.


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