If You Desire a Deep, Lasting Embodiment of Your Sexual, Sensual Self. . .

If you want to experience waves of delicious pleasure; if you want a deep connection to your orgasm & sensual expression; if you want to banish the inhibitions that keep you from accessing your carnal nature;  if you’re longing to reclaim your wildish, sexual, feminine self. . .

Know your body.
Know your inner cycles.
Honor your natural rhythms.

First & foremost.

Sexual liberation, multiple orgasms, uninhibited erotic expression, total sensual living—none of these things can exist in wholeness, in fullness, without first considering & cultivating a deep knowing about your body. This means understanding how your body works, & allowing it the space it needs to speak & interact its wisdom with you.

You are already connected to your body; this has been established simply by your inhabiting it everyday. The foundation is there, the next step is in the noticing. And in noticing, in honoring the interaction between your physical body & your sexual energy, a deeper enrichment of the relationship begins to form.

Ways to connect yourself with your body:

  • Develop an intimate relationship with your yoni; get to know her beyond “vagina.”
  • Start a body log which charts the rhythms, energies, & moods you contain on a daily basis.
  • Breathe (our breath has a miraculous way of bringing mindful connection to the body).
  • Create some kind of self-care ritual, one in the morning or before you go to sleep.
  • Practice getting out of your head & into your body; get still, tune in, & listen.
  • Learn about the intricateness of your anatomy (my favorite books below).

When we connect to our bodies on a deep level, only then will the vibrant, electric world of sexual connection be unlocked fully to us. . . otherwise it’s all in the head, & sexual energy doesn’t just live there.

So start from the source, your roots: establish a relationship with your natural internal landscapes, as well as your unique feminine body temple.

In doing this, the work you’re doing in the realm of sexual awakening & reclamation will have a deeper meaning, & essentially more staying power.

Stellar reads about the female body & honoring your inner cycles

// Wild Feminine, Tami Kent
// Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, Sheri Winston
// Emergence of the Sensual Woman, Saida Desilets

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