My Personal Collection of Things I Find Erotic

As the excitement of Lady Porn Day dies down, I am left with feelings of enthrallment & pride. Enthrallment for this amazing & positive movement that was started by Rabbit White; pride in myself (& in you) for coming forward with such honest stories & provoking a stereotype-shattering conversation about women, porn, & masturbation.

I have a feeling that after this week ends, remnants of all the progress made & boundaries crossed with still be dominant in our minds, & that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I realize now that one of the biggest steps into talking candidly about pornography & masturbation is not only sharing your personal stories & opinions, but sharing your porn. The more we share, the more we validate that it’s okay for women to view porn (or other sex-based entertainment). Actions speak louder than words.

To keep the enthusiastic momentum of Lady Porn Day going, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite erotic films, porn sites, & sexy reads. I encourage you to experiment with this list — dive into watching the movies & reading the books — & then share the ones you loved with your girl friends. & if none of these tickle your fancy, have the courage to seek out others that make you hot.

(For the record, everything listed here is, in my opinion, women-friendly & not at all degrading. Of course, my idea of what is demeaning to women might be different than yours, but just know that I wouldn’t share anything with you here that wasn’t beautiful, tasteful, or extremely erotic.)

Erotic films:

(Is it a coincidence that the most delicious of erotic films are foreign?)

Emmanuelle – Set in the pastel 1970s, this French soft-core porn film follows an aspiring model named Emmanuelle who is on a mission to find her sensuality. See it to get a glimpse of the gorgeous Sylvia Kristel, who is graceful & seemingly angelic.

Aimee & Jaguar – Based on a true story, this gritty drama chronicles the lives of Lilly Wust & Felice Schragenheim, whose friendship was founded on trust & unabashed love. After watching this film, I contracted a mean girl-crush on Maria Schrader, who plays “Jaguar.”

Sex & Lucia – On the surface, this movie is entangled with plots & twists that make it impossible to look away. Looking deeper, we see that a beautiful kind of realness is portrayed in each relationship on the screen. This film made me greatly appreciate the novelty (in America, at least) & deliciousness that is an uncircumcised penis.

Lie With Me – This is one of the first erotic-based movies I’d ever seen, & it made a huge impact on my sensuality as a woman. It features Lauren Lee Smith who plays a sexually aggressive femme who unexpectedly falls in love with one of her “conquests.” Watch it to witness the splendor of Eric Balfour, who is as underrated as he is gorgeous.

Nathalie – In this film, “Nathalie” is hired by the wife of a client to privately investigate her husband, whom she feels is being unfaithful. In the process, Nathalie & Catherine (the wife) find themselves involved in a twisted friendship. What is it about Parisian prostitutes that makes you want be one?

Lust, Caution – This espionage-style thriller is set in Shanghai during WWII, where a group of Chinese university students come up with a plot to assassinate a high-ranking special officer with the help of a sexy decoy named Wang Jiazhi. But the carnal feelings that arise from Wang could potentially tarnish the entire mission. Perfect to see with a special male friend.

High Art – An intern at a small magazine company becomes entwined with the life of a drug-addicted lesbian photographer & her interesting friends, not at all expecting to fall in love with her. See it for the tender love scenes & fantastic cinematography. & then directly after, download the equally sensual soundtrack by Shudder to Think.

Henry & June – This film left me wide-eyed & intrigued. It is closely based on Anais Nin’s personal diaries as she encountered Henry Miller & his wife June, a couple which broadened her sexual desires & pushed her literary work & personal life to the edge. Maria de Madeiros plays Anais Nin perfectly, & Uma Thurman’s performance as “June” will leave you breathless.

The Dreamers – A wide-eyed American is studying in Paris, against the backdrop of the 1968 Paris student riots. He suddenly finds himself in a sexual friendship with a French brother & sister, & all three of them become quickly involved in erotic conflict. See it for the cinematography, the lush set design, & for Michael Pitt, of course.


Note: These sites are not safe for work & are restricted for those under the age of 18.

  • – Gorgeous guys, equally gorgeous girls, & cinematography that has the look & feel of a movie. It is very much worth having a monthly subscription.
  • – A Tumblr with graphic photographs that capture the lust & lushness of sex & sensuality.
  • – One-on-one videos of women masturbating; it’s soft, sensual, & you just might find yourself identifying to the pretty girls getting off.

Sexy reads:

(For those who like intellectual mental stimulation.)

  • – A place where amateur writers share their self-composed erotica. (I even submitted my own!)
  • Men in Love, by Nancy Friday – Sexual fantasies from a male perspective.
  • My Secret Garden, by Nancy Friday – Sexual fantasies from a female perspective.
  • The Erotic Edge, by Lonnie Barbach – Short, arousing stories made specifically for couples without the cheesiness of most erotica.
  • Delta of Venus, by Anais Nin – Beautifully written stories of sex, lust, & passion by my favorite writer. Also check out Little Birds.


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