You’re here because you are a woman who desires—freedom, ease, connection to your body, sacredness in sex, and to let your body love what it loves.

You’re here because you know you're meant to experience incredible amounts of pleasure, and you want so badly to exude sensuality, to have every moment be experienced fully with your senses.

But you feel disconnected from your body.

And you have thought to yourself more than once in the grand scheme of your erotic life, “I am broken.”

That’s where I come in. But not without first saying: You are not broken.

In fact, I believe that you are sexually, sensually, and femininely whole; that it is innately with you—always has been, always will be.

(Yes, even if you don’t believe it just yet.)

My name is Ev’Yan Whitney. I'm a sexuality doula and an advocate for erotic women.

My deepest purpose is to help women reclaim their sexual power and come into a full spectrum of sensual expression.

I've helped dozens of women heal and understand their sexual wellbeings, and I've watched in awe as they blossom beautifully into the erotic, self-loving, intuitive, powerful beings they've been craving to be.

The way I work might be a bit different from the coaching you’ve had in the past, for we (you and I) will be playfully exploring the realms of your inner erotic woman.

I’ll be asking you about the desires of your heart and body. I’ll be gently pushing you to follow your intuition. I’ll be encouraging you to delve deep into self-care rituals that’ll nourish and ground you as you begin to heal your wild instincts.

And, of course, I’ll be asking you how the sex is.

But we won’t just be talking about sex.

One thing I’ve learned from with work is that for many women, everything is connected—her relationship to body is connected to the way she moves in this world to her feelings of self-worth to her heart’s desires to the way she creates to the way she expresses herself sexually.

So some days we might talk about your creative projects, other days it’ll be your relationship to orgasm. It might seem a little scattered, and you might even think to yourself, How is any of this even related to sexual liberation?

But I promise you: It’s all connected.

"An amazing advocate for the feminine. . ."

Ev'Yan, I loved working with you and appreciate how you embody and radiate what it can mean to be a sensual, sexual, present and powerful woman in every aspect of my life. Thank you for your resources, your guidance, your support and your wisdom. You are doing such important work in the world and I am thrilled to have shared this part of my journey with you. —Valerie T.


When you and I begin this sexual liberating partnership, we’re going to dive deep into your heart of hearts. We’re going to talk about your desires, the relationship you have with your body, and whatever falsehoods that are keeping you from being sexually free.

In our sessions, we might begin to uncover. . .

> How to get you out of your head and into your body during sex
> How to bring more pleasure into your daily life
> Sensuality—what that means and how you can embody it on your terms
> Any traumatic experiences that have deeply impacted your sexual wellbeing
> What it means to step into your erotic power as a woman
> How to ask for what you want—both in and out of the bedroom
> Deconstructing the sex-negative beliefs that are keeping you inhibited

All the while, I’ll be holding space for you, gently guiding you toward sexual freedom and profound self-acceptance.

*I work with anyone who identifies with/as woman or femme—including trans and non-binary femmes.



Here’s what working together will look like logistically.

> Three 60-minute coaching calls per month
> Weekly assignments and journal meditations
> Email support and encouragement between sessions
> Fierce accountability and emotional affirmation
> Access to me (Ev’Yan Whitney) by text via my personal number
> In depth after-session notes to help you throughout the week
> Personalized book/article/film recommendations and resources
> Little surprises via snail-mail, from me to you

($500/mo for three months)




Your tender, vulnerable parts are safe with me.

hand-heartWhat you’re feeling (or have felt) about your sexuality, your body, your relationship—the frustration, the disconnectedness, the shame—I’ve been in the same places.

And while these feelings of shame and frustration and brokenness are likely true for you, I want for you to try in this moment to connect to the part of you that brought you to this page, the part of you that desires.

Perhaps that desire comes in the form of a burning hunger deep within your belly, or an ache in your longing heart for something more, or a subtle, gentle pull toward Yes.

Whatever form it takes, it’s there—this inner knowing that you have the capacity to be a succulent, sensual, deeply pleasure-filled woman is always there.

And that’s where we’ll start.

Ready to take the first step in
your sexual liberation journey?

Fill out the form below and give me a glimpse of you. After you hit submit and if I think we’re a good fit, we’ll set up a free 30-minute Chemistry Call where we’ll talk about what it might be like to work together. Sound good? Let those fingers fly!

Why I ask: It's very important that the people I work with are prepared to make both an energetic and financial investment to do this deep work. So please consider and answer this question honestly. Thank you!

So many women make their erotic life the last thing that gets their full attention.

Other things always take precedence—the career, the kids, the romantic partnership—and we continue to hope that our sexual dysfunction will just work itself out eventually.

But what I’ve seen is this:

When we finally give our erotic energy the nurturing and exploration it deserves, everything else—work, relationships, creativity, spirituality—falls beautifully in place.

No more putting it off. The time for a sexual awakening is now.



I can’t wait to watch you blossom into the erotic woman I know you are.



“It’s a rare gift to find someone who is able to
tenderly hold space with one’s vulnerabilities.”

When I opened myself to this experience I knew even as I felt inner fears and ghost trembles that there were parts of me thirsting to be seen. When I heard your voice I felt that the decision to give voice to this call was the only right thing I could have done for the self I want to become. I am grateful for your wise energy, your tenderness and the lightness with which you guided me during these sessions. —Jasmine K.


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