14 Potent Qualities of the Sexually Liberated Woman—& How You Can Embody Her, Too

For all of August, I’ve been highlighting and celebrating the Sexually Liberated Woman. And through the stories shared here and the many, many others I’ve witnessed in private sessions, I’ve been deeply inspired. I’ve learned so much about what it means to sexually liberated through doing this work. And from what I’ve seen emerge in each session, I’ve discovered some… Read More

The Sexually Liberated Woman: A Conversation With Kate

It’s been two years since I opened my sexual liberation coaching practice, and since then I’ve had the honor of facilitating a diverse group of women into lush erotic and sensual awakenings. Being a sexuality doula—that is, one who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for women who want to transition out of sexual shame and into their… Read More

6 Simple Ways To Be In a Long-Distant Relationship With the Moon

// photo from Tumblr \\ I’m in a long distance relationship with the moon. I pray to her. I sing to her. I worship her. Depending on what mood she’s in, I sometimes do rituals in homage to her. And many, many times I’ve made love underneath her pregnant milky light, so conscious of her… Read More

Why I’m Tired of Spiritual, Sacred, Woo-Woo Sex

// photo : Tumblr There is a time and place for spiritual sex, for taking part in the soft, sacred energy that comes along with the erotic—tantra, cosmic orgasm, the ritualistic melding of the masculine and the feminine. And then there’s the carnal, vulgar side of sex—the unabashed, unfiltered expressions of the erotic. Fucking. Getting a nut.… Read More

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