What Sexual Liberation Is & Isn’t—Starting With Beyoncé

Beyoncé, to me, embodies sexual liberation. But hers isn’t the only actualization. . . // via We Heart It I’ve been writing about my sexual awakening & experiences here for almost four years, & it’s taken me in as much time to understand that sexual liberation isn’t just about having great sex with multiple orgasms, nor is it… Read More

A Fun Little Way to Say Farewell to 2014: Review, Reflect, & Release

Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern // RoAndCo I like to keep it low-key & easy on New Year’s Eve, & spend the final moments of the year in quiet celebration. I have a few traditions on New Year’s Eve: Cooking a soul food meal for me & my man (greens & black eyed peas symbolize financial prosperity & abundance),… Read More

Honoring My Personal Winter

everyday // tordis kayma Around this time last year, I wrote the following letter to my list. I stumbled upon it again as I was going through my email’s archives, & I’m sharing it here because even though it’s a year old, it resonates very strongly with where I’m at today. It’s been a very,… Read More

Sunflowers & Make-Believe: Discovering My Sensuality As a Child

sunflower // annemiek groenhout One of the fondest memories I have is when my sister & I were kids & used to play in our backyard & pretend we were Pocahontas. We created teepees out of pine trees with low hanging branches—we each had our own designated spot—& the the two of us would get on our… Read More

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