Taking Matters Into My Own Hands: Why I’m Trying to Masturbate More

// button image from Tumblr; mini-collage by moi. I don’t talk about it much—I’m not one to brag—but the sex I have with my husband is amazing. Even after 8+ years together, our sex continues to get more & more exquisite. And the frequency of our sack sessions seems to be increasing, too. It’s wonderful—beautifully, lusciously, cosmically… Read More

You Were Yours First Before You Were Anyone Else’s*

// photo by Chérmelle D Edwards *Inspired by Nayyirah Waheed’s poem in Nejma. Before you felt your body expand at the touch of another. Before you were brought to your knees by a tsunami of heartache. Before you found unconditional love in your loved one’s shining eyes. . . You were yours. Your first love, your first… Read More

When Sex Was the Hardest Thing I Could Do

// self-portrait, 2011 Note: Parts of this essay first appeared on my old, no longer active fashion blog, Apricot Tea, in June 2009. I’m reposting it here because it was this post that began my very public journey into sexual awakening, & thus marks the humble beginnings of Sex Love Liberation which turns 4 this month.… Read More

What Sexual Liberation Is & Isn’t—Starting With Beyoncé

Beyoncé, to me, embodies sexual liberation. But hers isn’t the only actualization. . . // via We Heart It I’ve been writing about my sexual awakening & experiences here for almost four years, & it’s taken me in as much time to understand that sexual liberation isn’t just about having great sex with multiple orgasms, nor is it… Read More

A Fun Little Way to Say Farewell to 2014: Review, Reflect, & Release

Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern // RoAndCo I like to keep it low-key & easy on New Year’s Eve, & spend the final moments of the year in quiet celebration. I have a few traditions on New Year’s Eve: Cooking a soul food meal for me & my man (greens & black eyed peas symbolize financial prosperity & abundance),… Read More

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