Sex With My Friends: Aida

Via Tumblr I adore my friends. What I adore even more is knowing that they are living happy and fulfilled sexual lives. I love knowing that they’re feeling comfortable in their skin. I love knowing that they’re happily taking up space with their bodies and expressions. I love knowing that they are experiencing, in their own… Read More

I Want To Be a Slut: A Declaration of Promiscuity

Follow me on Instagram: @evyan.whitney *This is a continuation of a previous post. When I was 14, I was completely transfixed by the idea and actualization of the slut. I wanted to be promiscuous so badly—not just because I wanted to get a taste of the sexual power that seemed to come with promiscuity, but to get… Read More

How I Became A Sexual Woman Through Secret Promiscuity

Photo from Tumblr I never got to be a slut when I was young—not by true definite of the word. I had plenty of opportunities, of course, but never did I ascend to that level of promiscuity. I say ascend because at fourteen years old, sluttiness was a coveted sexual and social status. To be a slut… Read More

28 Wishes On My Twenty-Eighth Birthday

Today is my birthday. I am 28. Every birthday feels like New Year’s Day for me, but this one in particular is especially sparkling with newness, glittery possibility, and quiet hope. My 27th year was very much encapsulated by The Tower card in tarot: the shaking and toughening up of foundations; earth-shattering upheavals that leave ruin in their wake; the… Read More

All The Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About Sex

Me, circa early 2000s, in my America’s Next Top Model phase. 1. You are not a slut. You are not a heathen. You are not a juvenile delinquent. All of this has been alluded to you by now, because you lost your virginity so young, but please believe me: Having sexual desires or opening your legs to… Read More

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