Whenever I Have the Chance, I Thank My Body

// photo : Tumblr I’ve been getting back into a consistent movement practice lately after months of pushing it aside, and gentle yoga has been my practice of choice. It’s been wonderful for me but surprisingly challenging. My body is definitely a lot stronger than I initially thought, but there are still some poses that stretch me in… Read More

Reader Question: Feeling Sexy With My Natural Hair

Photo: Love Fola Occasionally, I get a question from a reader that is compelling enough to become its own article. This is one of those questions.* Ev’Yan, I love my natural hair and I don’t even mind how it looks when it’s wet out of the shower or after I’ve just gotten out of the pool.… Read More

14 Qualities of a Sexually Liberated Woman

  Photo: Aunjoli 1. She desires. She knows that her ability to desire is powerful, a gift, and she knows that her capacity to desire is limitless. She is in communion with her desires on an hourly basis. She uses what she desires as a compass toward self-discovery, self-sovereignty, and self-care. 2. She is sensual;… Read More

How to Love Your Yoni

Art: Sterility I was reading the newspaper a few weeks ago and saw an ad on the outer corner of a page with the headline “Love Your Lady Parts.” Reading that, I became instantly filled with joy that there was something somewhere in local media that would herald such a positive message to the women… Read More

Vagina & Vulva: A Short & Sweet Guide (you’re likely using the wrong word)

Vagina is a sex organ, its passage leads to your womb space. Vulva is the temple that surrounds your sex, protecting it, keeping its secrets. Vagina is Latin for sheath. Vulva is Latin for vulva, also called yoni, pussy, or cunt. Vagina excretes/secretes menstrual blood, ejaculate, & milky discharge. Vulva secretes sweat, sebum, & slippery lubricant. Vagina… Read More

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