I Am Blooming With the Flowers

Spring has always been my favorite season. I’ve always been incredibly fond of this time of returning back to the light, of honoring renewal, of nesting & prepping for new life. But this year’s Spring is feeling especially profound for me.

Not only has Portland had one of the shortest, mildest winters since I’ve been here, but the last three weeks have been sunny, warm, & bright. Today I am wearing a sundress & my hair is loosely flowing past my shoulders. Yesterday I sat on the terrace of my apartment with my man & pup, all of us almost nude, all of us bathing in the warmth of the sun.

Nearly everything is in bloom. And so am I.

I wrote a few months ago about how I am choosing to honor my personal winter—how I’m lying fallow & hibernating like the trees are, like the bears are. Conversely, & in the spirit of Spring, I am coming ever so gently out of my own cave. Like clockwork.

I’ve always been fairly aligned with the seasons, & it’s increasing more & more as I continue to fully inhabit my body & accept its natural rhythms, but this time around, I’m feeling intensely connected with Spring—in the spiritual sense, but most powerfully in a sensual sense.

As I watch the buds on trees burst open, I feel my own heart opening.
As I watch the flowers show off their vibrant petals, I too am taking up space.
As I watch bees busily buzz through each field of pollen, I am inspired to do my own work.

Little by little by little.

I’m choosing to ease myself into this seasonal transition rather than jumping head first into do-ing. Right now, I’m trying to focus on be-ing, basking—a somewhat difficult task, by the way, because the world around me is moving so fast & everyone else seems to be catapulting themselves into action. But I’m doing it, while also honoring whenever my Muses plant seeds of inspiration in my body (& they’ve been very busy as of late).

I have some very exciting things coming up for me, work-wise, personal-wise. And when I’m ready, I’ll share it here.

But for now, enjoy this little ode to Spring I made.

My man & I took a nice long walk through our neighborhood & into the forest on a bright, sunny Wednesday, & I stopped pretty much every two minutes to capture the flowers’ glorious blossomings.

When I look at these flowers, I feel as though my body is filling with vibrating, warm light, which I imagine is activating my own inner blossoming. For I am blooming with them too.


I want to do with you what Spring does to the cherry trees. . .*

The blooming. The opening. The taking up space. Let’s do it together.


*Original poem by Paulo Nerudo

© 2018 Ev'Yan Whitney. All rights reserved.