An Ode (& Apology) to My Nipples

Photo: Radioactive Lingerie I remember being eight and pressing them as hard as I could into my chest to try to get them soft again after getting out of the swimming pool. I remember being fourteen and buying extra padded bras to help hide them in case they got hard in the excessively air-conditioned classrooms… Read More

What Happened When I Went To A Sex Party: Q&A

Photo: DjLoHeaD Recently I fulfilled one of my ultimate sexual fantasies and curiosities and went to my very first sex party. And even though I thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle it (for reasons that I go into here and here), I had the best time. After reading my recent series, a lot of… Read More

What Happened When I Went to a Sex Party: Part 2

Photo: Four Chambers This is a continuation of a previous post. Read part one here. Sex means something to me—something deep and important and spiritual. And that little fact about myself embarrasses me. It embarrasses me because it furthers the notion that women and their sexualities are innately more complex, that they require emotion and… Read More

What Happened When I Went to a Sex Party: Part 1

Photo: Four Chambers I wouldn’t exactly consider myself an exhibitionist and I don’t necessarily get off on having people watch me have sex. But I’ve always had a fervent curiosity about group sex. I think it’s because sex has been made to be this very private, unspoken thing, one that you do quietly behind closed… Read More

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