Best of 2011

One crazy book launch. An abundance of kind words. A gang of interviews & collaborations.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a tiny recap of effervescent 2011.


The fruits of my labor (articles that went a little viral):

Round Bellies are Beautiful // An ode to full bellies, voluptuous curves, & womanly eminence. My belly dancing friends feasted lavishly on this one.

8 Simple Affirmations You Should Whisper to Yourself Daily // A compilation of love-drenched phrases we need to murmur to ourselves every so often. Sure to make your skin goosefleshy & your cheeks warm with completion.

The Lie of Masculinity // From the courageous lips of a self-possessed male who is more than his gender. A thousand bravos.

Your Body is Beautiful the Way It Is // An exercise in euphoric mindfulness of the magnificence of your body (& it’s truly magnificent).

Pubic Hair & the Hairlessness Epidemic // Wherein I answer a reader’s question about the disappearance of female body hair &, in turn, provoke awareness about our own pubic hair preferences.


Snippets of praise & appreciation that made my heart melt:

“You are BOLD, OPEN and LOVELY. We need you!”@actualinfinity

“[Ev`Yan] is the new Carrie Bradshaw. But better.”@TMFproject

“Your presence online is a little house of soul amidst a lot of digital hollowness.”@katecourageous

“I just found your wonderful blog & can’t stop reading it. You are an amazingly thoughtful writer – looking forward to more posts.”@marieteather

“Thanks for making my inbox so sensuously yummy.”@christina_seitz

“You are the lifesaver that taught me to let go of those relationships that no longer serve me.”@pink_jungle

“[She’s] one to watch.”@DanielleLaPorte


Significant, blush-worthy numbers:

Posts: 62
Comments: 1,370
Subscribers: 2,197
Pages views: 323,800
Book sales: 1,415 

… & counting.


This is only the beginning.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for walking down this brazen path of self-discovery & sexuality with me.

Here’s to a fulfilling, mindful, wholesome, & orgasmic new year.

2011, you were delicious.

2012, you’re mine.



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