This blog is for the bold at heart. For the sex goddesses, the artistically expressive, the freethinkers, the pleasure-seekers, & the budding feminists.

It is especially for those who long to describe themselves as fearless, mindful, sensual, & self-loving, but haven’t quite gotten there yet.

Welcome to this sensual safe haven.
You’re in good company.

My mission here is to breathe sensual, soul-stirring light into you. To make you beautifully conscious of your inherent erotic nature. To get you centered in an all-consuming kind of self-love. To encourage you to explore the innermost parts of your being. . .

. . . if only to teach myself these same lessons.

This is my journey of self-discovery, & it’s yours too.


In this space, you’ll find writings on . . .

// SEX: sexuality/sensuality; sexual orientation; what turns us on (& what doesn’t); genitals & genders; nourishing & shamelessly fulfilling our deepest desires.

// LOVE: relationships, platonic & romantic; self-care & healthy selfishness; limitless love (fluid & unconditional); utter passion for & centeredness within ourselves; the fine art of loving the skin we’re in; radical self-kindness.

// LIBERATION: freedom of expression; living our truth(s); doing what brings us unfiltered joy; creative freedom; honoring ourselves; awakening to our Divine Feminine nature; release from unwanted thoughts & things.

These delicate avenues, when explored with intention, will take us on an inner odyssey, one that will help unearth the deepest, most beloved parts of ourselves, provoking self-transformation & complete immersion in the rich sphere of our senses.

Ready for sexual liberation?

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Who I am. . .

photoMy name is Ev’Yan Whitney. (Pronounced EV-Yahn.) I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner & dog-child.

I am driven by fervent curiosities which propels me into discovering sacred worlds in the form of words, philosophies, ideologies, & spiritual messages. I learn by teaching. I discover myself through speaking my truth.

I have been taught & inspired by many: Anais Nin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gilbert, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Susie Bright, Natalie Goldberg, & many Goddesses, namely: Isis, Aphrodite, Kuan Yin, Hera, & Persephone.

// More about me here.

Let’s keep in touch, yeah?

Email: evyan@sexloveliberation.com
Snail-mail: P.O. Box #15184 | Portland, Oregon 97293

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But wait! Before you send me that note. . .

I want you to know that every piece of mail I receive gets read, but due to the high volume of notes I get daily, it’s impossible for me to respond to every single one.


Your message is more likely to get replied to if it contains a question, though it’s in my best interest to not respond to big life conundrums. Not because I don’t care. On the contrary, I’m prone to caring too much, & I find that when I receive lofty advice requests, my entire spirit becomes immersed in another’s story.

In laymen’s terms: I have this keen, unreasonable desire to solve everyone’s problems. Noble, but impractical.

So until I can master the art of keeping safe distance between your intricate quandaries & my own wellbeing, I ask that you please use careful discretion when sending me your complex life stories.

My tender, sensitive spirit thanks you.

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