A New Year of Living with Sex, Love, & Liberation + 26 Birthday Mantras

On Sunday, I turned 26.

Usually on my birthday, I wake up & the new age smacks me in the face abruptly & I’m left reeling for the next few weeks at the new-realized truth that I am another year older.

But this time around, my new age was permeating through my body & spirit long before September arrived. I’d say around July is when I began to feel a tiny shift in my essence. It was very gradual & slow, yet undeniable & nearly palpable.

At my very first thoughts about it, the number 26 left me feeling discontented. I didn’t like it. I’m partial to odd numbers; there’s just something about not being neatly divided that lights me up. So I began to feel this sense of contempt welling up inside of me for 26, an age that had not yet arrived but was warming up inside of my being.

But now. . . as I sit fully grounded in my new number, 26 (& 8, because 2+6=8), I feel at home, like this is precisely where I’m supposed to be. Twenty-six fits me perfectly.

26 mantras I’m whispering during my 26th year:

    1. I am safe.
    2. My desire is a gift.
    3. I am abundance & lightness.
    4. Breathe in light, exhale radiance; smile.
    5. Surrender to what is. twit-bird
    6. Open to love.
    7. Trust your self, your instincts, your wisdom, your heart.
    8. Continue walking the path of self-actualization.
    9. Be compassionate.
    10. Feed your warm light to others with your intention & presence.
    11. Embody Shakti.
    12. Speak your truth regardless of what anyone else thinks or says or feels.
    13. Heed your innate wisdom.
    14. I am deeply loved & wanted.
    15. Boundaries are important. Put them up where it feels like too much is coming in (or out).
    16. Follow your curiosities.
    17. My intuition is a compass. Trust it.
    18. Allow yourself to be amazed by life.
    19. I am a daughter of the stars, the wisdom of the cosmos, & the cycles of the Moon.
    20. I am connection & communion.
    21. It’s OK to feel. (And to feel deeply.) twit-bird
    22. And it’s OK to retreat.
    23. There are lessons in everything. Tune in.
    24. I am soulful & spiritual.
    25. I am a healer & a visionary.
    26. I am seen & heard.

For the last several days, I’ve been in the spirit of celebration around my new turning of age, giving myself 12 intention-filled days to ring in my new year. So even though my birthday happened days ago, today, in the bright light of this day, I am illuminated by the magic of my birthday still.

And I want to share some of that magic with you. Here’s one thing that has been birthed from 26:

My book got a shiny new update!

In 2011, I wrote a short book that accompanied my new work. I called it Sex, Love, Liberation: A Manifesto for the Bold at Heart, & put inside of it everything that I believed in & everything I wished the world could know about sex/sexuality, deep love, & self-actualization at the time. I wrote the book without much thought, just with the urge to create it.

As I’ve grown, my work has too, & for the last several months I’ve been thinking about scrapping my book because it didn’t seem to fit me anymore. I hadn’t cracked open the book in a long time, but could vaguely remember what it entailed: childish, overreaching prose, a design that no longer matched—seemingly all of my incompetence on display in ebook form.

But an interesting happened when I finally decided to survey the “damage:”

I found my old words to be rich with life, potent with truth, & really, really fucking good (if I may say so myself).

And just like that, scrapping the book became a thought of the past, & I (& my designer) began to work tirelessly creating & designing the new edition.

And it’s here. 

// a beautiful new cover & layout that feels (& reads) spacious, clean, & easy-breezy; like a breath of fresh air (ahhhh!).

// 34 added pages of content freshly adapted from my life’s work (& they all beautifully accompany the book).

// a brand spankin’ new “note from the author”—from me, of course, & written with love.

// It’s Kindle optimized! CLICK HERE to buy via Amazon. (Note: The Kindle version does not include the workbook or the 30 Days of Sensuality prompts.)

And in keeping with the spirit of all this birthday magic, I want to do something sweet for you (’cause I love you):

If you’ve EVER purchased my ebook, send me an email [evyan@sexloveliberation.com] with your receipt & I will send you the pretty new edition + the workbook. . . free!

Doesn’t matter if you bought it when it first came out (almost three years ago!) or yesterday; I want to gift you with a fresh digital copy. (This offer does cannot apply to the Kindle version, unfortunately.)

This special book swapping will end on Thursday, September 26th @ 11:59am Pacific, on the very last day of my intention-filled birthday celebration, so make sure to send me your email & receipt before then.

You can learn more about my  book, A Manifesto for the Bold at Heart, by clicking HERE. (Or, buy it on Kindle HERE.)


With deepest gratitude & bright birthday sparklers,


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