A Fun Little Way to Say Farewell to 2014: Review, Reflect, & Release


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I like to keep it low-key & easy on New Year’s Eve, & spend the final moments of the year in quiet celebration.

I have a few traditions on New Year’s Eve: Cooking a soul food meal for me & my man (greens & black eyed peas symbolize financial prosperity & abundance), a Twilight Zone marathon, & sitting down to do my personal review ritual.

My review ritual looks a little like this:

Before: A few hours before the new year, retreating to my Goddess Space & creating an intention to review & honor the year that’s about to pass; journals on the floor, candles lit, incense burning, music blasting; breathing mindfully.

During: Slowly & gently going back in time through the last 12 months; welcoming all feelings that surface with the memories—pain, joy, excitement, grief; a breath reserved for mourning what’s been lost, a breath reserved for the goodness to come; writing, writing, writing until there’s nothing left.

Afterward: Peace. Gratitude. Lightness. Bubbling optimism. Ready to wholeheartedly welcome in another glorious year.

2014 was one of the most challenging, brutal, beautiful years that I’ve had in a long time.

And I’m a little superstitious in that I believe that in order for me to step fully into the new year & receive all of the incredible goodness it holds, I need to honor what has been & clear the slate.

My review ritual feels a lot like planting a garden. It’s about getting the lay of the land that once was & preparing it for new growth—pulling weeds, sifting through dirt & rock & old roots & worms, & clearing space to make a home for new life.

And that’s there this workbook comes in.

I created a workbook for you based off of my personal end of the year ritual, one that’ll help you review, reflect, & release 2014 so you can welcome all the goodness of 2015 with clean energy & a clear conscience.

2014 : Review, Reflect, Release — A Retrospective Year-End Workbook

PreviewThis workbook serves as a heartfelt tribute to 2014. It’ll guide you in re-evaluating, celebrating, & letting go of the old year so that you can step fully into the potential & newness of 2015.


// 31 pages of fun questions for reminiscing & meditating on 2014
// three pages dedicated to the creation of soulful intentions for 2015
// sections about your creativity, body, milestones, & exquisite self
// a guide on how to do a releasing ritual to keep the past in the path
// a new year’s prayer from me to you
// & lots more!

Work through it digitally, or print it out & put pen to paper.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s a perfect way to close out the old year & welcome in the new. (Price: $8)




“Oh my gooooodness. In love love with this workbook + downright obsessed with the title you gave it. PERFECTION! I’m skimming through it just to get a sense of it now, and honestly, Ev’Yan, I can already say that THIS is the reflection work I have been searching for. The questions/sections are on POINT, and I’m just going to pretend that you wrote this workbook juuuust for me ‘cuz that’s what it feels like. I’ve downloaded 8 bajillion “workbooks” this month to fuel my reflection, but this takes the cake. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.” —Emily D.

/ / /

Here’s the truth: My intention for December work-wise was to not start anything new, to take a break from creation & let the year wind down quietly. But my Creative Muses had other plans, & I obliged.

I not only created this for you, I created this myself too (I’ll be working through this workbook right along with you on New Year’s Eve).

I had so much making this, & I really hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you a gorgeous, thrilling, sensual new year.

With love,


(P.S. If you dig the workbook, please share the love—with my thanks!)

(P.P.S. 2015—You’re mine.)

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