I want you to know the unrefined pleasure your body is capable of.

I want you to claim words—sensual, intuitive, feminine, sexy—that you’ve thought were off limits to you.

I want you to feel free and confident in your sexual expression.

I want you to feel at home in your beautiful body and all its magical senses.

I want you to be turned on.

I want you to step out of sexual shame and into your erotic power.

It's time for
a sexual awakening

We've been taught to see our sexual desires as sinful and our erotic bodies as dirty.

We've succumbed to false beliefs that our female sexuality is "complicated" or "inferior."

We've allowed fear and shame to keep us feeling flawed and broken.

No more.

It's time for a new story—one that celebrates your inherent sexuality and gives you room to explore who you are as an erotic being.

It's time to heal the relationship you have with your sexual body by choosing radical self-acceptance.

It's time for sexual liberation.

I'm a doula
for your sexuality

My name is Ev'Yan Whitney, and I facilitate, educate, and empower women who are longing to blossom into sexually free and body-conscious beings.

I believe that you are already sexually, sensually, and femininely whole, that it is innately within you—even if you can't see it yet.

My deepest passion is to remind you of your sexual potential and to help unsilence the desires in your body so that you can live the deliciously sensual life you've always wanted.

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She wanted her erotic life be in full bloom, to be wildly feminine, to feel a deep connection to the world around her. But she was numbed out and censored, and she struggled to feel at home in her body.

This is how she got her fierceness back . . .

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